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From strategy to systems, to tech, to design, to advising - building duplicatable sales systems is our specialty.

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Choose from 3 different project types

vip sprint sessions

Starting at $1,200

Your Project Completed in 2 - 4 days

Choose From Websites, Funnels, Or Automations

Recorded Training For Using Your New Asset

30 Days Post Project Support

This is my favourite service to offer you because strategy is my jam!

This business-intensive process is designed to provide clarity, get you unstuck, and propel your business forward.

Together, we will meet, and take your current business apart, piece by piece, and look at what's working and what's not. Then we will dive into all of the goals you have for the future.

Before we meet, you will complete a very detailed pre-session questionnaire that will provide me with the information I need to complete some research on what's working now in your business, and what needs to change.

We will then schedule a 2-hour video call that will be recorded. During our time together, I will be walking you through my business analysis system. This system includes a number of exercises to determine exactly who your customer (ideal client) is, what level of offer is best for your business, and the sales systems that need to be built to ensure your business is successful.

What you'll walk away with:

  • detailed business intensive report detailing your marketing strategy

  • projects: broken down into details to outline scope and cost

  • a recording of our 2-hour call

  • road map: a step-by-step snapshot of the projects we prioritized

The VIP Package is $997. Book a FREE Connection Call to see if this is right for your business.

GHL Management & Tech Support


6 or 12 Month Contracts Available

GHL Account Management

Tech Support

Unlimited Website & Funnel Builds

Unlimited Automation Builds

Unlimited Course Membership Builds

Unlimited Community Builds & Management

Email Deliverability & Optimization

Launch Strategy & Support

Weekly Calls

New Feature Updates

Host LIVE Tech Support Calls


Complete GHL Account Management & Supprt From A to Z.

You know how powerful the GHL software is and what having this foundational infrastructure in your business means for your scaling needs

BUT . . . let's be honest - IT's A LOT!

New features and updates happen weekly because the development team behind this software moves FAST and implements exactly what their customer base demands. Because of how fast is moves, it's hard to keep up and to know which new features and updates would compliment your business systems.

That's where I come in. I make it my job to stay on top of all new updates to every area and feature of GHL. I attend the monthly town hall meetings and am an active member inside their community. I keep my ear to the ground to ensure any known outages or bugs are reported to my clients immediately so that work arounds or contingency plans can be put into place. This ensures you never waste money on ads that are running to funnels that aren't working or getting your email service shut down for

We have experience building on many different page building software, but highly recommend FG Funnels to all our clients.

Package prices vary, but start at $3,000 for a long-form sales page. Book a FREE Connection Call for a custom proposal.

Optimize Your GHL Account With





Website Builds

Tech Integration

SEO Optimization


Your online business brochure

A website is your business's online real estate and, just like a physical store front, is very often your potential customer's first impression, so you better make it count!

Our team builds websites that attracts your ideal customer and builds that know, like and trust factor quickly to convert your visitor to a buyer.

Your website needs to focus on user experience and engagement whether you're a personal brand, service provider, coach, or product-based business. This is the goal of every website we build. Together we will develop a wireframe that captures your business's true energy and essence and bring that to life through a technique called experience design.

In a rush - choose from beautifully designed templates that can be customized to your brand board and style.

Looking for something more custom? We are experts in fully responsive design and premium search engine ranking results.

We build on WordPress, FG Funnels, Go High Level, and Show It.

Package prices vary, but start at $3,000. Book a FREE Connection Call for a custom proposal.

Work with an expert to reach your business goals

1:1 Business Advisor Program

$1,000 / month (3 month commitment)

Weekly 55-minute coaching calls


Expert Business Strategy

Action plans to move you forward

1:1 Business Advisor Program

Achieve your business dreams with expert help.

You've tried building this business on your own and it's taking way too long, you're tired of going at it alone, and you're just not sure if you're doing it right. You've signed up for group coaching before and it's just not for you. You excel when you have that one-on-one attention and guidance from someone who is as committed to your success as you are.

Business Advisor Program - What you can expect.

We will start off our time together with a 90-minute call to discover exactly what your goals are for your business and create a detailed plan to crush these goals by building foundational sales systems inside your business.

Next, I will create a tracking sheet where we will record your goals and the plans to accomplish these goals. Recording and tracking your goal progress will keep you on track and increases your success rate.

Every week, we will meet for 55 minutes to look over the past week and the actions you took to achieve your goals. We'll celebrate what is working and build on those accomplishments. We will examine the roadblocks you're coming up against and create systems and strategies to break through them.

Throughout this process, I will share all of the templates, systems, and strategies I use inside my own business. This will accelerate the time it takes for your business to become successful.

Who is a perfect fit for this?

If you are ready to build out systems in your business, then this is for you!

Here is a list of business systems I can help you create:

  • client onboarding / off boarding system

  • self-liquidating funnel

  • webinar to application funnel

  • application funnel

  • webinar launch

  • evergreen a live webinar

  • standard operating procedures

  • content library system

  • course creation

  • offer creation

  • coaching program creation

The Business Advisor Program is $1,000 / month with a minimum 3 month commitment. Book a FREE Connection Call to see if this is a good fit for your business.

Strategize with an expert

Power Hour

55-Minute Strategy Session $247

Video Call Recording

Meeting Recap Document

Identify top 3 priorities to

take action in your business

Power Hour

Brainstorm with Tamara

This power hour is designed to get you clarity, advance your business forward and develop an action plan you can jump right into.

Sometimes you just need to spitball with a marketing expert to break through to that next level in your business.

What can we accomplish in an hour?

In this laser-focused time together I like to prioritize 1 to 3 topics that will provide immediate impact in your business.

Some hurdles I've tackled with clients in the past:

  • review sales copy

  • increase the irresistibility factor of an offer

  • develop a plan to crush a goal

  • solve tech issues

  • flesh out unique selling proposition

  • build a business plan

  • clarify all of the ideas floating around in your head

  • build out standard operating procedures

  • strategize outsourcing and hiring

  • and SO much more!

The Power Hour is $247 for a 55-minute strategy session. Book a FREE Connection Call to see if this a good fit for your business.

Certified Marketing, Business & Sales System Training


Training Packages

3 month, 6 month, and 12 month packages available

Weekly LIVE training inside your mastermind

Monthly Q & A Sessions

Workbooks and Templates provided to students

Actionable training

Mastermind Training Packages

Bring in a Certified Marketer to train inside your high-level mastermind.

Do you have a mastermind or community of business owners who need to DIY their marketing, sales systems and business strategies?

Bring in a certified marketing expert to provide weekly LIVE training on topics such as offer creation, sales copy design, funnels, marketing, business strategy, sales systems, email marketing, and so much more.

Each package includes weekly live trainings, with one monthly LIVE Q & A Session. Workbooks, templates, swipe files, and Trello Boards are provided to your community to align with certain trainings.

12 Weeks ( 3 months) - $3,000

22 Weeks (6 months) - $5,500

50 Weeks ( 1 year) - $12,500

Book a FREE Connection Call to see if these Mastermind Training Packages would be a good fit for your community.

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